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Casa Mia Re Opens

Back to work!

Let me first say, that Covid -19 has been devastating for the world both in terms of lives lost and  families torn apart by the loss of loved ones to the pandemic and our hearts and minds sympathize with these losses. 

After effectivily six months of lock down, we are reoping our doors and attempting to get business back to normal. Like all business in this field, we have had to deal with a massive downturn in business, actually from what was a vibrant hotel to zero, and we really feel for those of our team members that unfortunately we had to let go and the countless others who rely on the people we employed for food and shelter. 

Regrettably in Malawi, like many other African countries, we have no magic safety net, no government funding or social protection to help us in these hard times and so we look within for our strength and support.

Having said that, we just cant look at the negatives, it seems that we are now seeing a downturn in the number of reported cases of Covid and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre, this week celebrated the discharge of the last patients - thats got to be a good sign!

Chileka International Airport re opened this week and some flights are starting to resume. Social distancing protocols are in place meaning self isolation is still neccessary in the vast majority of cases, but at least we are open. ( I'll post the current guidlines below for more information) 

At Casa Mia, we reopened the restaurant and the Lodge last week, so far we had 6 overnight guests and about 12 diners! Nothing really to write home about, but as they say "Great Oaks from little Acorns". We have a positive attitude.


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