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First Week

We just completed our first full week back in operation and the response from our guests, old and new, was really encouraging. Althought at this time the menu is quite limited in terms of choice, nearly all our guests understood the need for us to "start small" as it were and to gradually build back up the business and the menu!

Althought the menu is limited the dishes are all new, even Peri Peri Chicken, which was always on our menu, has received a makeover and we've come up with a totally new Peri Peri Sauce, that's spicy with Birdseye and Kambuzi chillis ( A Malawi favourite), herbs and spices served with mixed sauteed peppers and fries, delicious! We have added a slow braised beef shank ( similar to Ossa Buco) served with Parmesan polenta that is already proving to be popular. 

You can see the whole menu on the main webpage, if you want to come please book in advance. Space is now limited as we have increased the distance between the tables in compliance with Covid-19 practices and dont be surprised if you are now offered paper serviettes in place of linen in our efforts to promote good hygiene practices


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